Trip type: Business

Airline: Delta

Route: MSP-ATL

On the cusp of Yom Kippur, I must atone…

I was talking to E about my misadventures the other day in hopes of uncovering other memories I’ve forgotten/repressed and he posed an interesting thought–did I think I had ever been “that person;” the one who does something absurd on an airplane that was surely talked about in my seatmate’s next call home.

I have certainly annoyed many a fellow seatmate (I tend to  laugh out loud when watching 30 Rock on my iPad) but I couldn’t think of a time that I did something I would find so weird that someone might blog about it (the nerve). Until I remembered an April 2011 trip…

I will say, in my defense, that the story has to do with my dog, Bella, who is the other great love of my life. (I mean, look at that punim; what’s not to love?) The cutest dog on the planetWe had just acquired her and were both in the midst of constant travel which necessitated some extra dog help.

Because I am completely neurotic about mostly everything, when we decided to get Bella  a dog-walker, a formal interview was  necessary. Clearly. The plan was for the dog-walker to come to our house to meet E and Bella and then I’d just dial in from Georgia because I had to fly the day the dog-walker could come. Completely normal, right?

Now, my plan had not been to appear as a crazy person. Like any good psychopath, I wanted to keep this little tidbit under wraps and timed the call so that I could do it from my rental car on the drive to the office. Alas, the air travel gods conspired against me and we got in late…so I did the call from the Tarmac.

I initially called home and had a very normal relationship-y call with E telling him I got in safely and coordinating pick-up times for when I’d return. Then the dog-walker showed up and I switched into business mode, asking about how the business works and how the booking process functions. And then I started talking about Bella’s needs. Oh yes, this dog has needs: “She likes to walk by the river but watch out for Segways because they scare her.” “If it’s really warm, give her an ice cube.” “Be sure she only gets a half of a treat at a time.” “Do you think her gums look ok?” Ok, ok, it’s ME who has needs…needs to be crazy.

I hung up 20 minutes later (still on the Tarmac, thankyouverymuch,ATL) and happened to turn to my seatmate who was obviously trying very hard to not laugh. I’m going to assume I might have cameo’ed in a story of his.

Well, glad that’s off my chest. Happy new year!