Trip type: Business

Airline: Delta

Route: ATL-MSP

This week’s travel was exceptional in its unexceptional-ness. Which is a nice change every now and then…two flights that left on time with little to no excitement (“Just how I like my flights!” as my mother would say). Well, with three minor-ly amusing exceptions:

1. As I mentioned in my brief post earlier this week, the flight to Atlanta did come complete with a 10-person bachelorette party and I had to wonder what brainiac maid of honor had booked them on a 6am Monday flight to Mexico connecting through Atlanta. Although there was much excited chatter pre-boarding about whether the bars at the Atlanta airport would be open by the time we landed at 10, they were relatively quiet on the actual flight. Perhaps wisely deciding to stock up on sleep.

2. I got to the gate early (in my usual quest to control the uncontrollable by being present and accounted for) and got a nice seat in front of the desk  which gave me a front row seat to every self-important businessman (yes, they were all male) on the flight approaching to ask for an upgrade. You would think these guys would know better…a flight from a hub (ATL) to another hub (MSP) on which almost everyone has at least middling status, will almost never yield you an upgrade unless you’re Diamond and the few who are Diamond never bother asking. Then I see my own previous comment about self-importance…

3. The guy next to me got wasted on the way home. On a two hour flight where they only serve beverages for 90  minutes or so, it was impressive how quickly he put away four beers. Luckily, he was not chatty in his inebriated state but I was dying to know if he got fired, lost a deal or worse…the mysteries of flying. At least he didn’t drool on my shoulder.

Until the next adventure!