Trip type: Business

Airline: Delta

Route: ATL-MSP

Because you can never assume things will go smoothly with Atlanta traffic, I always end up at Jackson-Hartsfield early. Very early. Then, I go and visit the Delta desk to see if there’s any chance of getting on an earlier flight (there never is but it’s a fun little game I play with same, sad looking woman who’s inevitably working when I’m flying).

As I’m waiting, there’s a frazzled mother with her two sons in line behind me. They have very heavy Southern drawls and it’s clear from their demeanor and story that they don’t fly often (she was very upset she had to throw out her full-size hairspray at security…). Naturally, I strike up a conversation and end up chatting with the older of the two sons who is probably about 12.

Boy: “At least we got out of school early!”

Me: “Wow, it’s still August; I didn’t realize school had started for some people. When did you go back this year?”

Boy: “Three weeks ago. When did you start?”

Me: [caught-off-guard-laugh] “Oh, I’m a grownup!”

Not my smoothest of responses (please see previous post for proof I can be smooth) but I was so taken aback at being taken for this kid’s peer (I decided later the better response would have been “1989”). I may be the height of a seventh grader but I could swear I seem slightly more adult. Maybe next time.